NUP denies hand in Komamboga bomb attack

NUPs-David-Lewis-Rubongoya (courtesy photo)

The National Unity Platform (NUP), the main opposition political party has distanced itself from the Saturday bombings at Komamboga in Kawempe division Kampala that killed at least one person and injured others. 

Addressing a news conference on Monday,  at the party headquarters at Kamwokya in Kampala, David Lewis Rubongoya, the party Secretary-General said their organization is a peaceful one that cannot engage in acts so diabolical like killing people.

An eye witness of the Komamboga bomb explosion, a barmaid said the people who she suspected were behind the bombing were wearing People Power T-shirts. 

People Power is the precursor of the National Unity Platform. 

However, Rubongoya told journalists that claim, cannot be taken lightly saying it could be a well-orchestrated move by the state to frame NUP leaders in order to put them behind bars.

Joel Ssenyonyi, the spokesperson of NUP called for a swift and honest investigation into what actually happened at Komambogo with the view of bringing the actual perpetrators to book.  

“Our demand not as NUP but really as citizens of Uganda is for police to carry out swift and honest investigations so that the perpetrators of this very unfortunate incident are known and brought to book,  

 “We have heard some government apologists trying to link this to NUP and we think it’s very redundant and clumsy and this happens when they want us to digress from insisting that investigations are carried out,” Ssenyonyi said.

He also called upon the government to immediately lift the dusk to dawn curfew that was instituted last year to help deal with the spread of Covid-19. 

Ssenyonyi, the Nakawa West MP said the government of Uganda like that of Kenya did last week, must appreciate that Covid-19 is here to say.

Meanwhile, NUP has also expressed dismay over the decision by the Masaka High Court to deny bail to MPs Muhammad Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana. 

Rubongoya said the continuous attacks on the judiciary by President Yoweri Museveni over granting bail to suspects of criminal offenses is having a chilling effect of intimidating judges.


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