NUP VP to NRM: Keep Me out of Your Issues

Manjiya MP John Baptist Nambeshe has hit back at losers of the NRM primaries in his home district of Bududa who petitioned their party chairman, President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni, blaming the MP for some of the mess that characterised the ruling party’s primary elections in the district.

Nambeshe in August defected to the newly launched National Unity Platform  (NUP) political party to become its vice-president for Eastern Uganda.

On October 1, losers of the NRM primaries at different levels in Bududa district signed a joint petition to Museveni, accusing the NUP vice-president of sponsoring candidates who emerged winners of the NRM primaries.

For instance, the petitioners told Museveni that Khaukha Mukobe who beat former Kumi Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Hussein Kato Matanda to the NRM flag in Manjiya county was fronted by Nambeshe.

“They are bad losers venting their anger on wrong person.Manjiya People are never naive. That is what I call people power. They decided and no amount of blackmail can change anything in the wicked petitioners favour,” Nambeshe said.

Nambeshe also refuted claims that he is working with an American funded non-governmental organisation – Hands of Action Uganda, to fund People Power activities and at the same time undermine NRM in the district.


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