Olanya Gilbert: Let’s groom the next generation beyond mortal flesh

Olanya Gilbert

Let’s groom the next generation beyond mortal flesh. Life doesn’t last forever, you need to set a mark.

Let’s learn to give time to our young stars, analyse and brighten up their lives. What I know is that God will never leave a vacuum in the leadership structure.

Remember God sent Moses to lead his people to the promised land without looking at his age.

In Acholi, we have had very great and good leaders like Norbert Mao, Reagan Okumu, Odonga Otto, Okello Okello, Ogenga Latigo, Olum, Ocula, Beatrice Anywar among others.

Shortly, after these big shots, a vibrant class of leaders popped up to fill the gap.

I am not an Alpha and omega in kilak south , it’s just a matter of time before my time will come to retire and give a leap to another leader.

It will not be me but you, him or her who has an interest in leading the people of kilak.

I have come to terms with the fact that we need to find the best way in creating space for fresh minds surely, knowing that psychologically human beings get tired of the same old wine in a new bottle.

People are always after fresh ideas, opinions and personalities.

When I look at what is happening in opposition, the majority cannot believe that a young party would rise up and rally Ugandans to support its agenda of change.

Did we wait too long to find a messenger? Probably the time is now that God is answering our prayers by sending the principal head of NUP to leapfrog Ugandans out of the cage of impunity.

Why are we not giving NUP time to show its ability and or potential instead of struggling to see it pass dead?

The sad part of it is that the same people who are in opposition who would have helped strengthen a hint effort are the same, working to cripple the struggle just for their selfish interest.

What is clear is that you will never force people to like you, even if you insult, demean or taint the innocent souls but once the world believes then the smears are unstoppable.

Those engrossed in bogus political fights are merely turning into comedians because the people on the sideways are laughing loud and nonsensical issues spreading hate instead.

Once they know you are a comedian, no one will take you seriously.

The Bible puts it clearly, there is time for everything, allow time to dictate, calm down shut up and let the wave of change take precedents.

You may be good at that time of your leadership affairs because God felt it was your time but soon your time will be over.

He is preparing a way for the young and fresh blood to swing in action geared towards change.

Remember a cock may try its best to destroy the young cock but it won’t succeed, the young one will grow and take over despite the numerous kicks it may get along the way.

Uganda is beyond a tribal lineage and political cliques.

Cheap and hungry wanks have resorted to tribal and hate speech to divide the nation further, but that nonsense needs to be tamed.

We need to the unit as a country for the betterment of our children.

Our constitution allows anyone to stay in any part of this country but, the continued tribal fights are messing up the whole country and the would-be generational leaders.

Finally, as opposition, let’s stop fighting NRM wars, by destroying fellow opposition even if you are being used by the regime trade carefully and continue licking your boots in peace.

For those playing double standard, God is watching over you so, I pray he guides you all on who to follow.

The writer:
Olanya Gilbert
MP Kilak south
Amuru District.


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