Omoro electorate told to choose Oulanyah’s replacement wisely

Jacob Oulanyah

The Lango Diocese Bishop Prof. Alfred Olwa has asked the electorate in Omoro County to choose wisely the replacement of the former Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah L’Okori.

Oulanyah died on March 20 in Seattle in the United States of America due to multiple organ failures according to postmortem reports revealed by the government.

He was the Omoro County MP, a position he held since 2011 at the time of his demise.

Speaking to mourners during a vigil at Oulanyah’s home on Wednesday night, Olwa, hailed the fallen speaker of Parliament as a distinguished leader and an MP who had turned his life to Jesus Christ.

He however notes that once the time for the election, voters of Omoro County should wisely choose Oulanyah’s replacement.

Olwa says although the new choice might not be able to live the legacy of the deceased, he/she should be able to show the gift of God from the Northern Region like Oulanyah.

Olwa reveals that the late Oulanyah has a testimony that glorifies God in that he built churches and was also the patron of all the Anglican Church Foundation Schools in the Lango Sub-Region.

Oulanyah’s body arrived at his ancestral home in Ayom Lony Village at 8 pm on Wednesday evening accompanied by hundreds of mourners on foot, motorcycles, and vehicles.

Douglas Peter Okello Okao, the Omoro LCV Chairperson says the love exhibited to the late Oulanyah is a clear manifestation that he was not just an ordinary leader, but rather a national leader who unified the country.

There are plans by the family members of Oulanyah to front the deceased’s eldest son to occupy the Omoro County Member of Parliament seat.

Local government councils from Northern Uganda are currently holding a special joint council meeting in honor of Oulanyah at his home.

Key among the proposals the respective councils want to adopt for implementation include the erection of a monument in the three cities of Gulu, Lira, and Arua, tarmacking of the Gulu-Moroto road to enhance accessibility to social services.

Other proposals are renaming major roads in the three cities Arua, Gulu, and Lira, constructing a stadium in Omoro, launching mass tree planting in the regions of West Nile, Acholi, and Lango to tackle deforestation, and elevating Lalogi Health Center IV into a district Hospital in Omoro.


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