I bring you warm greetings from Justice Forum/JEEMA. We thank you for the undertakings so far in the fight against covid-19 pandemic despite the challenges and loopholes in some of the directives.

Our concern is in politicisation of the whole affair and deny any other stakeholders, an opportunity to contribute to their country. Individuals who want to help the needy have been denied the opportunity to do so, because they are just greedy for power. All authority to allow movements of certain people and other key decisions is vested in RDCs and DISOs against the elected leaders whom I think are more acceptable by the population than the RDCs and their peers who are corrupt and divisive politically. They have made issuance of travel permits a business venture and an NRM affair. One needs to have between 50,000 and 200,000 to get a travel permit while others give them to NRM mobilisers to loiter around Kampala. Because of this, some RDCs now think they are superior than the elected leaders like district chairpersons and MPs. Just recently, an RDC forcefully tried to withdraw a government vehicle from a district chairman and it resulted into fist fights in Bunyangabu. I think elected leaders can handle this situation than the political appointees.

Secondly, it is wrong to distance opposition from the whole fight against covid-19 pandemic.

I request that some opposition leaders be made part of the corona virus taskforce to create a sense of belonging but also cub corruption of public funds by your people. Experience has shown us that your people are so corrupt as evidenced in the global fund scandal and many more.

Mr President, allow me to inform you that Uganda Revenue Authority needs to remain operating whatsoever. But according to the circular issued by commissioner customs, they are only handling the following goods;

i. Medical, relief items and other sanitary or health supplies sanctioned by government

ii. Food and related essential supplies

iii. Machinery, machinery spare-parts and raw materials for established manufacturers:

iv. Agriculture products and inputs.”

Many traders have cargo that delayed in Mombasa and accumulated darmurhage and detention fees for shipping companies. Keeping such goods for other 10-12 days will affect the traders severely.

Our kind appeal is that URA clears all goods for consignees who are willing to clear their goods and clearing firms be given travel passes.

Where we are heading, we need to have a solid consolidated fund to run the affairs that might arise.

Lastly Mr President, release prisoners with petty offences and those who are about to complete their sentences. This will decongest the prisons and save the country from possible mass infections if the virus invades the prisons.

I kindly implore you to involve members of opposition in the task force so as to create a national cohesion in the fight against covid-19.

I thank you

Ssentongo Abdulnoor Kyamundu JEEMA spokesperson. ([email protected])



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