Opinion Polls Meant to Defraud Democracy – Gen. Tumukunde

Independent presidential candidate Lt.Gen. Henry Tumukunde has disputed the opinion polls that have given President Museveni an edge over his competitors.

The government owned New Vision newspaper published results of a poll conducted by an in-house research team with an objective of gauging the public’s perceptions and preferences ahead of the  January 14, 2021 elections.

A total of 5,679 respondents were interviewed, and 64.8 percent of them said that they would vote Museveni – putting a 40 percent margin from his lead challenger, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu who was given 24.8 percent.

“They have started their usual designs… Red Pepper gave me 2 percent and New Vision, using our money… their job is to defraud democracy… now they are saying that in the last three days, my support has dropped to 0.4 percent,” saidTumukunde who was addressing a campaign meeting at Mukuju sub-county, Tororo district.

Gen. Tumukunde likened himself to a proverbial old woman who knows a man’s nakedness to tell his audience that he knows all President Museveni’s electoral tricks.

“We are the reason why President Museveni got to power, we did the fighting, the leg losing… I don’t think that President Museveni has any injury on his body [from the bush war],” the former spymaster and Security minister said.

He spoke at length about the bush war that thrust Museveni into power in 1986 because of the  desire for his campaign coprdinators to know the ideology of his Renewed Uganda pressure group.

“When time came, we established that the road he was taking is not the road we agreed on. In my own case, we started disagreeing in 2003. From nowhere, he moved to amend the Constitution to remove the Presidential term limits. I was a serving army officer but my conviction did not allow me to keep quiet because that is not what we fought for in the bush,” Tumukunde said.

The presidential hopeful further told his audience that there is a reason why most people that worked with Museveni in the early years of the NRM government have either gone quiet or opposed him.

“Of [those opposed to Museveni], we are two Generals, you can count Col. Besigye because he could have been a General by now. Add Amanya Mushega, John Kazoora…” he said.


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