Oulanyah’ Parents, relatives demand the cause of the Speaker’s death

jacob oulanyah

There is a somber mood among residents of Ayom Lony village in Lalogi Sub-county, Omoro District, the ancestral home of former Speaker of Parliament Jacob L’okori Oulanyah.

Oulanyah, 56, who was also the Omoro County legislator died at a hospital in Seattle in the United States of America where he has been undergoing medical treatment since February 3.

His death was announced by President Yoweri Museveni on Sunday afternoon.

People began thronging the deceased’s ancestral village soon after the announcement to condole with his parents, family members, and relatives who were gathered at the home.

Mourners, mostly his relatives and parents called for more clarity on their son’s death, saying until the time of his death, they were kept in the dark about his condition.

Nathan L’Okori, Oulanyah’s father says he is waiting to get an authentic report of his son’s death from President Yoweri Museveni and stresses that his son didn’t die of a natural cause.

He says that before he was lifted to the United States, Oulanyah hinted on a sinister move to end his life, a piece of information that he says Oulanyah repeated even while in Hospital.

Milton Omara, 74, Oulanyah’s paternal uncle told Uganda Radio Network in an interview that although they knew about the former speaker’s sickness, no one took the initiative to inform them about what he was suffering from.

He says that the government needs to clearly explain what exactly killed their son.

Omara is bothered that Oulanyah’s death will leave a huge gap in the family and the district since he was an icon of unity and supported many development projects including paying school fees for needy children in the community.

Veronica Okori, Oulanyah’s stepmother equally says they don’t have any information on what caused Oulanyah’s death, and adds that ever since Oulanyah was airlifted to the USA, no information was shared with his family about his condition.

“We don’t have any information, we are equally waiting to know from those people who were close to him at the Hospital,” She told URN in an interview. She described Oulanyah as a man who was friendly to many people, loved his district and the country.

Olal George, Oulanya’s brother also notes that his death is a shock to the family since they weren’t told about his problems.

He says Olanyah’s demise has created a vacuum in the family because he had solely been supporting them including his ageing parents.

Omoro District Chairperson Douglas Peter Okello reiterates that they are equally waiting for the report on the cause of Oulanyah’s death.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja says the President will be announcing burial arrangements for the late Oulanyah whose body awaits transportation into the country.


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