Oulanyah tells MPs to avoid using unparliamentary language 


The Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah has asked Members of Parliament to refrain from using unparliamentary language while debating, saying the debates are broadcast live to all Ugandans.

This is after Manjia County MP and Opposition Whip John Baptist Nambeshe talked about sex during the Parliamentary session in the middle of a motion seeking to urge the Government to ensure free medication for diabetes and high blood pressure. Nambeshe said sex was a form of exercise.      

He also said several foods and drinks were in the market that are affecting the health of Ugandans. He says certain drinks made people sexually active.           
His statement made several members of Parliament uncomfortable questioning if Nambeshe was in order. 

Anthony Alden Esenu, the MP Kapelebyong County said their families were watching them live on TV and several Ugandans as well. 

He asked if it is in order for Nambeshe to use such language in Parliament.        

Just on Wednesday, Ayivu East MP  Geoffrey Feta said that MPs use 10000 condoms every month wondering what legacy parliament will leave behind to the next generation suggesting that MPs ought to be good examples.             

This led the Speaker of Parliament Oulanyah to advise MPs against the use of such language. Although Nambeshe said he was a biology teacher, Oulanyah said that the Parliament sitting was not a biology conference neither is it a scientific symposium. 

He said members should accord the house the kind of respect that it deserves, and that certain words can only be used in private meetings that are unrestricted.


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