Owiny-Dollo tips Judicial officers

The Chief Justice and the Chief Registrar together Sarah Langa standing a midst newly sworn in officers.

The Chief Justice of Uganda Alfonse Owiny-Dollo has advised the newly sworn-in judicial officers to mind their ethical code of conduct if they are to dispense effective justice.

According to Owiny-Dollo, once a Judicial Officer exercises in his mind independence, impartiality, integrity, propriety, equality, competence and diligence all court users will be confident with the justice system.

 He revealed this while swearing-in of two newly appointed Judicial Officers. These include a state Attorney, John Paul Eduku who has been elevated to the position of Deputy Registrar. Eduku has been one of the State Attorneys in the Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ministry.

 Also to take oath was Ronald Kayizi. He has been in Private Legal practice but now takes up the position in the Judiciary as a Chief Magistrate.

 Speaking shortly after the oaths were taken on Monday evening at the Judiciary headquarters in Kampala, Chief Justice has informed the new officers that there is no Judicial Officer who is supposed to be neutral while dispensing justice and therefore, nobody should work to please anybody but to follow the law.

 He noted that they are not supposed to work while intending to please anyone or to show affection but should instead be impartial if they are also going to enjoy their work at peace in the justice system.

 “The Judicial oath and the judicial code of conduct should therefore be your guardrail and source of inspiration to perform effectively in accordance with the demands of your judicial office. These principles have been the last bastion of judicial excellence for years”, said Owiny-Dollo.

 He says further that the officers should remember that four things belong to a judicial officer including hearing cases courteously, answering wisely, considering them soberly, and most of all deciding them with impartiality. 

 Owiny-Dollo has also warned them against being involved in indiscipline cases such as actual corruption, delayed Justice, absenteeism, laziness among others. 

 Speaking at the same event, the Chief Registrar Sarah Langa Siu who is the immediate supervisor of these newly sworn-in officers has also called them to serve with humility, integrity and make decisions regarding the Judiciary and the country at large without corrupt tendencies.

 This she says that since they are expected to be people with high morals and integrity who will let their work speak for themselves always adding that each one of them at the end will be remembered for their deeds individually. 

 The two sworn-in officers have taken oath in a very scientific function witnessed by only the media, the Chief Justice and his team, and the Judiciary Public Relations Officer Jamson Karemani who has revealed that the more than 30 judicial officers promoted to various positions in June 2021 are soon going to be deployed.


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