Parents, teachers top defilers list

CID Director, Grace Akullo

The 2020 police crime report shows a growing trend in cases of defilement with relatives, guardians and teachers appearing prominently among the common defilers.

According to the report, the police recorded 14,134 cases of defilement which is a 3.8 percent increase from the 13,613 cases that were recorded in 2019.

The biggest victims were girls between ages 15 and 17 with a cumulative total of 9,954 cases followed by girls aged between 9 and14 years who were 2,986.

More sadly, out of the 14,134 defilement victims that year, 301 children were defiled by HIV-positive people among them were 120 guardians, 120 parents and 55 teachers.

Whereas these are high numbers reported to police, many other cases of defilement and rape remain unreported because of a number of issues including threatening death to victims by the perpetrators, said Grace Akullo the director of criminal investigations directorate.

“The category of 15 – 17 years is mainly made of victims of defilement due to some cultural norm still practiced where girls who have developed breasts are considered ready for marriage. These defilement cases are also due to adolescent age where many young girls are taken advantage of whereas some of the girls are defiled in the process of doing domestic work,” said Akullo.

Police detectives also note that many other victims of defilement have seen their caretakers negotiate deals with the suspects and receive money in exchange for dropping cases. For women, many fear reporting incidents of rape for fear of embarrassment.

According to the report, Katwe Police Division in Kampala at 252 registered the highest number of defilement cases followed by Kamuli at 236, Mbale 230, Buyende 207, Mukono 193, Tororo 188, Buikwe 186, Kiryandongo 185 and Luweero 174 as the top ten districts.


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