Parliament arrests Mukama nayamba energy drink boss over adverts

Mukama nayamba

Parliament’s Committee on Trade Tourism and Industries on Friday handed Fazil Wabulembo, a food scientist working with Mukamanayamba Energy Drink to the police for interrogations over misleading adverts.

The committee was meeting energy and soft drink producers who were tasked to explain misleading advertisements about the capacity of their products to arouse sexual enhancement, heal diseases like cancer, pressure and diabetes among others.

The 10 companies include the producers of Mukama Nayamba, Rock Boom, Kabiriti, Senga Nalongo, Akaboozi, Kituzi, Power Bank, Kabode, Bebe Wine, Kampaho, Powerbank and Ekyama kya work among others.

The committee played each of the companies media adverts on a projector at Parliament, but most of them did not meet the standards like disclaimers for pregnant women, disclaimers for children and people with certain conditions.

The MPs tasked the drink owners to speak about their drinks and the content.

Wabulembo told MPs that although they had wrong adverts, they were directed to stop the adverts by Uganda Communications Commissions-UCC.

He however told the MPs that some of their drinks may enhance sexual performance, despite indicating that the drink was only a health drink.

The committee also found that although they are a health drink, they did not have approval from the National Drug Authority (NDA), but only had one from the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS).

Harriet Busingye the Hoima City MP says that the drinks have silently killed Ugandans.

He said that the companies should stop duping consumers.

The Mbarara South City Mwine Mpaka asked Police to detain Wabulembo and record a statement.

Abdulsamad Lukyamuzi the owner Kabode Drink says that his drink is not an energy drink but a soft drink that is not harmful.

Moses Ariho the Director of Kituzi Drink said that his product is a soft drink that has passed UNBS standards and Tanzanian standards.

Mbwatekamwa Gaffa, the MP Igara West MP tasked the producers of Rock Boom officials to explain the contents of their drink.

He told MPs that when he drank the energy drinks during elections his blood pressure increased.

The Public Relations Manager Rachael Luwedde however says their products are certified and highly standardized.

The Regulating Agencies, National Drug Authority (NDA), Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) all pledged to heighten their role in regulating the sector.

UNBS said it will withdraw its certification from those who have failed to meet the standards, while UCC pledged to engage media stakeholders.


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