Parliament Calls for a Review of Covid-19 Restrictions

Parliament has turned the pressure on ministers, Jane Ruth Aceng (Health), Benny Namugwanya Bugembe (State for Kampala) and Harunah Kyeyune Kasolo (state for Microfinance) who held political gatherings at the weekend in disregard of Covid-19 regulations.
The matter was raised by Kalungu West MP, Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu who accused the ministers of flouting the guidelines issued by government which among others include a ban on gatherings of more than 10 persons, social distancing and putting on masks.
“The Minister of Health who is supposed to be the custodian of these regulations was over the weekend seen to be flouting the same guidelines in Lira district.  She was addressing a crowd without social distancing and neither did she have a mask,” Ssewungu said.
He added that the Electoral Commission also revised the election road map from public rallies to the scientific campaigns with the advice of the same minister.
“The Hon. Ruth Aceng should come and explain to us if there is Covid-19 or she is just misleading the President so that the lockdown continues,” Ssewungu added.
Makindye West’s Allan Ssewanyana backed up Ssewungu, telling Parliament said that Namugwanya held a massive gathering at Madudu in Mubende district which had over 2,000 people.
Several other MPs castigated the ministers with some questioning the authenticity of the Covid-19 related information the government is depending on to maintain the lockdown.
Kadaga said that Ministers will have to appear before the House and explain their actions.
Kadaga added that the government should be able to consider a way in which the population can learn to live with the pandemic.  
“The government should also consider organising the society to manage it. How long will this lockdown continue? I think it is a problem to the people and we need an evaluation to be discussed here in the House,” she said.
Images have appeared in the media showing the Health Minister meeting people in Lira district. The development comes after she declared her intention to run for the Lira district woman seat.
The minister later said that she was at a meeting to sensitize the masses on the use of masks.


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