Parliament starts work on NSSF Bill 


The Gender, Labour, and Social Development Committee has started scrutinizing the NSSF Amendment Bill 2021.

The bill seeks to provide for midterm access. On September 29th, 2021, the Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah gave the Gender committee of Parliament 10 days to scrutinize the National Social Security fund -NSSF Amendment Bill 2021.   

The 10th parliament passed the NSSF bill allowing for midterm access by savers above 45 years or at least those who have saved for 10 years. 

However, the president didn’t assent to the bill until the expiry of the 10th parliament. 

He returned the bill to the speaker, saying parliament needs to amend the commencement date of the Act so that it comes into force on the date of its publication in the gazette.

He also noted that only people above 45 years old and who have saved for over 10 years can access 20 percent of their savings, saying anything else would be unsustainable for the fund.

 The president also disagreed with the proposal in the Bill to allow Persons living with disabilities to access up to 75 percent of their savings. 

Flavia Kabahenda, the Committee Chairperson and Kyegegwa Woman MP, said they started with meeting the speaker of Parliament to seek for an extension of time.

She noted that she had to talk to the committee members to work during recess since parliament broke off.

Kabahenda explained that they started with an in-house meeting on Monday to acquaint members with the Bill and what the 10th Parliament had done in contrast to the President’s concerns.  

 She said that they will not scrutinize the entire bill, but will only focus on the areas pointed out by the President


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