Pastor Arrested for Claiming to Heal COVID-19

The Police in the western Uganda district of Kikuube have arrested a 63-year-old Pastor for allegedly claiming to have found a cure for coronavirus.

Pastor Saveriyo Businge was arrested together with six other members of his household over what the police call spreading misleading information to the public that he has powers to heal COVID-19.

Businge was arrested by a team of police detectives who stormed Jerusalem Church in Karama-Kabwoya Sub County, Kikuube district where he had assembled a number of people, in disregard of a presidential directive that banned church gatherings, as a measure to control the spread of COVID-19.

Albertine Region Police Spokesperson Julius Hakiza said that the pastor had misled the congregants to believe that he can heal them from coronavirus and HIV.

The pastor was allegedly inviting people to his church for blessings and in effect be guarded against contracting the virus that causes COVID-19, while at the same time, he has been advising those that have already tested positive for the virus to contact him for healing.

The pastor is detained at Kikuube Central Police Station awaiting charges of unlawful assembly and violation of a public health emergency order.


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