Police Announce 2-Day Lockdown as EC Nominates Presidential Candidates

Norman Musinga

The Police have announced a daytime curfew for two days in areas of Kyambogo, Kireka and other neighbouring areas during the nominations for presidential candidates.

Justice Simon Byabakama, the Chairman of Electoral Commission announced that nominations for 2021 presidential candidates will be conducted next week on Monday and Tuesday at Kyambogo University.

It against that background police have revealed that no person will be allowed to loiter in the vicinity of nomination venue except candidates and their entourage of not more than 10 people. Norman Musinga, the Kampala Metropolitan traffic police commander, said residents of areas within nomination venue will stay home till evening.

Musinga said people will not be allowed to leave their homes during the daytime. He added that some roads will be closed and traffic diverted.

“Motorists will be diverted at Spear Motors (IOV), Banda Trading Centre, Kireka Trading Centre, Kigobe Road at National Council of Higher Education and Jokas Hotel,” Musinga said.

Police said other motorists heading to Jinja from Kampala can also access through Old Port bell Road, Spring Road via Kireka Road to Kinawataka and join Kampala – Jinja Highway at Bweyogerere Trading Centre.

Musinga said New Port bell Road Nakawa, Chwa II Road, Kinawataka, Jokas Hotel and join Kampala – Jinja Highway at Bweyogerere Trading Centre. New Port bell Road, Ismail Road or Via Kireka Road to Kinawataka Road and join Kampala – Jinja Highway at Bweyogerere Trading Centre.

“Kyambogo Cricket Ground (Presidential Nomination Center) will only be accessible to Presidential Aspirants, their recommended number of people accredited by Electoral Commission and Electoral Commission Officials,” Musinga said.

The accredited VIPs will access the Nomination Centre through Kyambogo Road, Kyambogo University Western gate and park as will be directed by Traffic Police.

Access to Kyambogo University will be restricted to only accredited persons. There will be no access to other motorists intending to use the Kampala – Jinja Highway between Spear Motors and Kireka Trading Centre except for members of Electoral Commission, Presidential Aspirants, Service Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles and Security Vehicles. v Emergency vehicles (Fire brigade, Ambulances and Medical Team) will access the venue through Banda.

“The Aspirants will exit through Kyambogo University, Faculty of Engineering and join Kigobe Road at National Council of Higher Education. Heavy trucks will not be allowed along Kampala – Jinja Highway,” police said.

Those from Eastern will be diverted from Namboole Roundabout to Northern bypass and those from Western will be diverted at Busega Roundabout through Northern bypass to Kalerwe Roundabout-Gayaza and follow the same route to Jinja.

All junctions that join Kampala – Jinja Highway between Spear Motors (IOV) and Kireka Trading Center will be cut off; therefore no vehicle shall access the Highway.

“Presidential Aspirants will not be allowed to access the Central Business Centre; therefore all roads leading to the Central Business District will have restricted access,” Musinga said.

Police have insisted that no procession along the road will be allowed before, during and after nominations.

“All Presidential Aspirants and other road users are advised to comply with the above Traffic Guidelines to avoid inconveniences,” said Musinga.


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