Police, Army Besiege Hotel Hosting Kyagulanyi in Hoima

A combined force of the police, military and plain-clothes security personnel have beiged New Double Dream guest house in Hoima city where presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and his team had booked for the night.

Kyagulanyi who was scheduled to hold campaign meetings in the newly created city was caught up by time following clashes with the police in Kagadi and Kibaale districts where he started in the morning.

The National Unity Platform  (NUP) leader was unable to address his scheduled campaign meetings in Kibaale after the police fired teargas and ammunition to disperse locals that had gathered to welcome him.

The police blocked most of the major roads leaving Kyagulanyi with only the option of usimg feeder roads

In Hoima, despite the heavy deployment of armed security personnel, people poured onto the roads to cheer him but was later blocked from proceeding to his campaign venue after he ran out of time.

“After the military and police blocked us, they trailed us up to the hotel at which we plan to spend the night. Heavily armed military personnel have surrounded the hotel. Some are moving in a numberless military van. Some operatives are non-uniformed yet armed,” Kyagulanyi claimed in a post on his social media platforms.

Some journalists that have spoken to The Witness said that they had been chased them away from the hotel despite identifying themselves.

Earlier in the day, Kyagulanyi rallied the people of Bunyoro sub-region to denounce the leadership of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni if they need change and development in the country saying he is ready to transform Bunyoro.

While addressing his supporters at rally held at Kagadi Model Primary school in Kagadi town, Kyagulanyi said Bunyoro has abundant resources citing Lake Albert, the National park and the natural forest that he says if well utilized can bring about tremendous developments in the region.

He accused the NRM government and particularly President Yoweri Museveni of taking the country in a wrong direction saying Ugandans should rise up and vote the NRM government out of power come January 14, 2021.

Kyagulanyi too cited corruption, nepotism, appalling state of the health and education sectors, poor road network, high unemployment, high poverty levels and high income inequality as some of President Museveni’s failures which he says his government will address immediately if he is entrusted by Ugandans.    

He says many Ugandans are still languishing in poverty yet the corrupt government of Museveni has failed to address the issues adding that for the past 35 years of the regime, the country could have been better than it is at the moment.

Kyagulanyi promised to fight land grabbing and brutal evictions of people from their land in Bunyonro by known government officials. He has faulted President Museveni and his government for giving away Bugoma central forest reserve to Hoima sugar limited.

From Kagadi, Kyagulanyi headed to Kibaale with hundreds of supporters following him, but police blocked him from holding both of his planned two rallies at Kibedi Primary school in Nyamarunda sub county and in Karuguza town Council.

This prompted police to fire live bullets and teargas to disperse the  rowdy supporters who were charging at security operatives accusing them of allegedly blocking Kyagulanyi from addressing his rallies.

Kyagulanyi faulted security for being partisan and working for the NRM government. He also faults Matia Kasaija, the Finance Minister who comes from Kibaale for being behind the move to block his rallies in Kibaale.

Additional reporting by URN


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