Police Brutality: Nakibinge Suggests Mental Check for Police Personnel

Prince Kassim Nakibinge Kakungulu, the titular head of Muslims in Uganda wants some police commanders to be subjected to a mental examination before they can be deployed again to enforce law and order.

Speaking at a low-key event to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) held at Kibuli Mosque on the outskirts of Kampala, Nakibinge castigated the law enforcement agencies for brutalising Ugandans in the name of enforcing the law.

“As we appeal to Ugandans to avoid acts of violence, we urge the police and other security agencies to stop acting outside the law; the brutality is too much, we don’t  expect the law enforcers to abuse the law,” Nakibinge said.

Nakibinge’s remarks come at a time of increased complaints by opposition politicians against the conduct of the police which has been violently breaking up opposition meetings under the guise of enforcing the Covid-19 restrictions on public meetings.

In recent weeks, the police, supported by the army raided offices of the National Unity Platform  (NUP) and seized a number of items including paraphernalia, cameras and computers. Several other opposition parliamentary candidates were also arrested over unclear reasons.

“We don’t expect to see the police acting in a partisan manner. The law that you applied to  [the opposition] should be the same law enforced on the others. The actions of some of the police officers give an impression that some of them have mental problems and therefore need to be checked,” Nakibinge said.

He also expressed fears that the continued acts of brutality could force the population to rise up against the security agencies.

“We have seen young men setting themselves on fire at police stations after being mistreated by the police. That shows that someone is fed up, we should avoid pushing the people to the extremes that they can do something that can harm so many others,” the prince said.


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