Police Flavours Kyagulanyi’s Homecoming Party with Teargas

What should have been a gloriously memorable homecoming for Robert Kyagulanyi to his home district of Gomba in central Uganda turned ugly with the police on hand to spoil the soup.

The presidential hopeful begun the day at Kabulassoke to pay homage to his ancestral home. At his late parents’ house, a priest and other family members were waiting to bless the National Unity Platform  (NUP) leader.

This was however the beginning of his fights with the police and the military, on different occasions having to walk through barricades the armed forces had erected to deny him access first of all to his ancestral home and later on venues for his scheduled campaign meetings. 

Through thick clouds of teargas, Kyagulanyi forced his way to Kanoni and Gomba townships after jumping over barricades at Kabulassoke township.

Kyagulanyi jumped out of his car twice and walked for over a kilometer as the police denied him access to both Kanoni and Maddu townships.

 He addressed his supporters amidst tear gas, live bullets and water splashed by the police armored vehicles.

A policeman fires teargas to Kyagulanyi’s supporters

The locals also declined to move away despite the excessive force applied by the police to chase them away. 

Kyagulanyi went to Gomba a day after President Yoweri Museveni was told that the musician cum politician has no support in Gomba, his birthplace.

Museveni has a farm in the district located at Kisozi in Kabulassoke sub county.

At Nsambwe playground where he held his first rally, Kyagulanyi faulted the Museveni government for not only lowering the prices of agricultural products but also killing their businesses.

He said that Gomba is not any different from Arua, West Nile, Mbarara and all other parts of Uganda which are languishing in poverty and requested them to join those other parts of the country to vote for him and realize a fundamental change.

In Sembabule, the police, backed up by the military used teargas and water cannons to clear Sembabule Town Council of group of NUP supporters which had gathered to welcome Kyagulanyi.


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