Police identifies 3,266 serial robbery, Murder criminals 

The Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS) in the Uganda Police Force has identified 3,266 serial robbery and murder criminals across the country.

In an interview with Uganda Radio Network (URN), Andrew Mubiru, the Director of DFS said that using deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) tests of exhibits picked from various crime scenes, they have been able to establish that several criminals have repeatedly been committing the same crimes at different intervals.

Mubiru explains that some of the suspects had never been arrested while the majority had previously been arrested, charged, and convicted but resumed criminal activities as soon as they completed their jail terms.

The directorate has been able to zero on 3,266 repeated offenders after profiling 49,522 suspects in police custody before they were charged in court. Some of the suspects are linked to more than five murders and others are connected to up to 10 cases of robbery, burglary, and theft.

Mubiru explains that the criminals have been able to participate in several offenses not because police do not arrest them but because they have been using pseudo names once they are arrested and charged in courts of law.

Police say disguising names has helped numerous criminals hoodwink the justice system as first-time offenders, a reason they have been getting lenient sentences. 

Another loophole, Mubiru explains that criminals have been religiously exploiting to beat the court system has been committing crimes in different parts of the country and appearing in different courts.

“If a case was committed in Masaka and the suspect appear in Masaka, the court in Mbale could not easily notice that it is the same person who was previously charged in Masaka over similar offenses. These criminals have mastered changing their names. If he was charged in Masaka as X, he will call himself Z in Mbale,” Mubiru explained.

Some of the profiled serial murders, robbers and assassins include Huzaifa Wampa alias Kanaabe, who was pinned as a person who shot at the vehicle of Gen Katumba Wamala last year, Kamada Walusimbi alias Mudinka, Muhammad Kagugube alias Musiramu/Mugisha/Mbavumoja, Siriman Ayuub Kisambira alias Mukwasi Koja, Abdul-Aziz Ramathan Dunku, and Habib Marjan.

In 2021, DFS documented and processed 27,305 crime scenes. These scenes according to Mubiru were murder, theft, infanticide, shop breaks, attempted murders, murders, malicious damage, poisoning, and robberies.

Some of the suspects in the last few months with the help of DFS documentation include Kyeyune Isma alias Ismail alias Beckam alias Buguman alias Musilamu alias Mohammad, Adam Matovu alias Manhajji alias Musa Muko, Musa Mubiru alias Musilamu alias Professor alias Sheikh alias Nathan; Kiiza Patrick alias Pato; Kinene Hamis alias Mis and Wadimba Jackson alias Sejusa, Musa Kabanda alias Musomesa and Mwebe.


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