Police lose gun to suspected rapist

The police in Napak are hunting for a suspected rapist who escaped from police custody with a fully loaded firearm.

Michael Longole, the South Karamoja Police spokesperson, says the suspect grabbed the gun from an officer at Kangole police station in Kangole town council on Tuesday morning. 

According to Longole, the suspect had been picked up from Kangole town council for attempted rape.

“While at Kangole Police station one of our officers said he knew the suspect and that he wouldn’t but shortly after, the suspect jumped and grabbed a gun from the officer and took off,” Langole said.

He said that police have teamed up with the army to hunt down the suspect and recover the firearm.

“The good thing all the parents and relatives of the suspect have accepted to work with security. We shall get him,” he said, adding that the officers who were on duty during the incident are most likely to face charges of negligence.

John Lote, an eyewitness blamed the police for being unserious while handling suspects accused of capital offenses.

“The police officers were moving with the suspect as if he was not under arrest,” he said.

In a place like Karamoja where there is a high demand for guns by cattle rustlers, Lote argued, the police need to be alert when handling such suspects.


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