Police officer arrested over death of a suspect

Police officer arrested

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Police in Lamwo is holding one of their own following an incident in which an inmate was stabbed at their outpost in Palabek Ogili Sub County.

It’s reported that the victim, identified as Robert Onen, a resident of Padwat village in Palabek Ogili Sub County was reportedly being held at the outpost on charges of criminal trespass.

Jimmy Otema, a brother to the victim says that Onen left home on the night of December 31, and while wandering around, ended up at the Sub County headquarters where he is reported to have caused some commotion that led to his arrest.

According to Otema, the police had since detained him pending investigations.

However, to their dismay on Monday, they were told that Onen was rushed to Ogili Health Centre III with injuries after being stabbed on the lower abdomen with a knife while in police cell.

Otema says that they have not got a satisfactory explanation on what could have happened, since the police alleged that the victim reportedly stabbed himself yet he was in the company of other suspects in the police cell.

Aswa River Region Police spokesperson David Ongom Mudong confirms that the officer in charge of the station whose identities were withheld over the sensitivity of the matter is in custody at Lamwo Central Police Station as investigations take shape.

Mudong said that they are interested in ascertaining the circumstances under which the victim was stabbed and how a harmful gadget was sneaked into the police cell.

Mudong also said the suspects with whom the victim was in detention have also recorded statements in regards to the matter.


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