Police officer arrested over stealing spare parts for gov’t vehicle

The Police in Busoga East, on Sunday arrested Edrine Walele, for allegedly stealing spare parts  from a government vehicle.

It is alleged that Walele attached to Baitambogwe Police Post and others still at large dismantled a government vehicle  registration number; UG 247W, which was parked at Baitambogwe sub county headquarters, in Mayuge district.

When a mechanic was inspecting the vehicle on Friday, he noticed that, hand brakes, wind screens, battery and other other parts were missing.

The sub county leadership filed a case of theft at Mayuge police station, prompting detectives to investigate the matter. 

The detectives deployed sniffer dogs around Baitambogwe sub county headquarters area. 

The dogs led police to Walele’s house where they recovered the missing items. 

The Mayuge Resident District Commissioner, Richard Gulume, asked detectives to expeditiously investigate the matter. 

“No one is above the law and the successful prosecution of Walele will serve as an example to other civil servants and policemen alike, who vandalize and steal government equipment with impunity,” he says.


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