Police recover missing firearms

The gun of AK-47 series which was recovered in Iganga, courtesy photo.


 Police in Iganga district in collaboration with residents have recovered an AK-47 gun registration number 565824458 with 22 rounds of live ammunition, which is reported to have been stolen from Iganga prisons early this month.

Police recovered the firearm from a suspect in Nakilulwe village in Nawaningyi Sub County in Iganga district on Tuesday night.

 Abas Faama, the Nakilulwe Village LC I Chairperson, says that he has been receiving complaints from residents about a stranger roaming in the village with a firearm to conduct night patrols and extort money from unsuspecting civilians.

“My office has been marred with complaints of recent about a stranger roaming with a gun extorting money from people and conducting night patrols,” he said

He stresses that the suspect together with others still at large would also snatch money and handbags from women at gunpoint.

 Faama notes that they made various pleas to the police, but nothing was done to improve security in the area. According to Faama, they were left with no option which prompted him to mobilize residents to conduct night patrols where they successfully apprehended the suspect on their third day and handed him over to the police.

 James Mubi, the Busoga East police spokesperson, says that although they have arrested the prime suspect detectives are on the ground hunting for his accomplices. Mubi says that the suspect was last month released on court bail after spending four months on remand over defilement-related charges.


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