Police to arrest drivers, Impound cars over curfew time


Luke Owoyesigyire Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police spokesperson (courtesy photo)

Uganda Police force has said that on top of impounding vehicles and motorcycles beyond stipulated curfew time today, they will also arrest motorcyclists and drivers in an effort to enforce curfew time, one of the COVID-19 guidelines in place.  

While loosening the anti-corona virus restrictions on the 22nd of this month, President Museveni maintained curfew time between 6:00 pm for Boda-Boda movement time and 7:00 pm for all pedestrians and vehicles.  

Police have, however, said, they have noted that motorists, riders, and pedestrians have continued violating curfew time and other covid-19 SOPS in place which is likely to affect the full road-map of the full reopening of the economy. 

Speaking to Journalists at Police headquarters Naguru in Kampala, Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson, said that the leadership of the joint security agencies has tasked all territorial commanders across the country to re-intensify enforcement operations against violators of covid-19 standard operating procedures in place.  

This warning is going especially to motorcyclists, like Boda-Boda riders, drivers, and pedestrians who find themselves on the roads by 7 pm when the curfew is already in effect,” Enanga said. “We are coming out to warn because in one way or another this time you won’t like it when we find you on the wrong side of the curfew.”

 He added,  “Even if you’re in the office, it is not a must that you should wait until 6:50 pm, plan your journey early, tonight, by 6:00 pm the operations will start against all motorcycles and 7:00 pm to all motorists and pedestrians who continue violating the curfew. 

Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire, said when President Museveni directed Police to release the impounded motorcycles, they have noticed that a lot of motorcyclists are taking curfew for granted nowadays.   

He noted that this evening intensified curfew operations will be unique compared to the previous ones in all Kampala metropolitan areas.   

“What will be unique today is that the riders are going to be arrested and the drivers will be arrested. We have been impounding motorcycles and vehicles only and leaving the drivers and motorcyclists to go away, but today, they will all spend the night in our cells.”

Meanwhile, Enanga noted that based on reports from intelligence agencies on how churches opened on Sunday across the country; there was a blatant violation of restrictions that were put in place in the re-opening places of worship. 

“A number of churches that were monitored yesterday were actually not observing the capacity limit of 200 people, and a number of preachers, including choir members and reverends, were also seen conducting church activities without having masks,” Enanga added.  


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