Prime Minister Nabbanja, Ssemujju face off 


Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has been attacked by Kira Municipality MP Ssemujju Nganda for always coming late to Parliament.

This is after Thomas Tayebwa, the Government Chief Whip had stood in for Nabbanja to answer some questions from Members of Parliament.

Ssemujju questioned why Nabbanja came to Parliament late and yet she is supposed to listen and answer to the concerns of the MPs.    

However, this did not go well with Nabbanja who said that Ssemujju has been demeaning her since she was appointed Prime Minister. 

She said Ssemujju has always castigated her in the media as one who cannot manage even a garbage company.     

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Anita Among had earlier expressed her dissatisfaction over the delay by the Minister of Tourism Tom Butime to present a report on Tourism at 2 pm.

Among calmed down Ssemujju and Nabbanja and asked Members of Parliament to co-exists and work together.    

Ministers have several times been accused of coming late and dodging plenary.

In the Tenth Parliament, the former Speaker Rebecca Kadaga said that the absence of ministers had limited effective discharge of parliamentary duties and also affected the image of the House in the eyes of the public.


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