Protests as security blocks people from accessing Jinja city

Security clearing logs and stones heaped by protesters along Jinja -Iganga high way


Security in Jinja has blocked Pedestrians from Bugembe, Mpumudde, Mafubira, Namulesa and Walukuba in the outskirts of Jinja form accessing town as one of the measures to control the spread of Covid -19.

The security and locals have spent the better part of Wednesday in running battles withafter being blocked from accessing the city centre.

A joint security operation of both UPDF and police personnel staged several roadblocks across the different access routes leading to the Central Business District.

 The cargo trucks, pickups and motorcycles were given a green light to easily proceed, occupants of private vehicles and pedestrians who were not in the category of essential workers were tasked to adduce movement permits.

Many of them were sent back home for failing to convince security personnel that they had a valid reason for leaving their homes. This, however, angered the pedestrians, who used stones and clubs to block the Jinja-Iganga highway in protest.

Ibrahim Kaloli, a motorcyclist says that the implementation of presidential directives have left them at loggerheads with security personnel, and appeals to president Yoweri Museveni to clarify the categories of people that need to be restricted.

Alex Mutumba, a mobile money shop operator says that much as the enforcement is aimed at protecting them against contracting COVID-19, small scale business owners should be left to fend for themselves in due course, as they wait for government’s proposed relief packages.

The Kiira Central Police Commander, Maurice Niyonzima says that intelligence information has confirmed that most youths spend the entire day playing board games within the markets and other open spaces, without observing social distance and other related Standard Operating Procedures-SOPS, which enhances congestion and increases the spread of COVID-19, if not controlled.


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