Protests as shs 1.3 Busia mosque construction halts

Angry Muslims demolishing foundation


A section of angry Muslims in Busia district have destroyed the foundation of the Shs 1.3 billion Noor mosque protesting its size.

The mosque construction, which started last week, is funded by Ibun Baz Nile Muslim community Development Company, a Turkish nongovernmental organisation.

The first phase of the project is supposed to take 3 months. During their protest on Tuesday, the angry Muslims vowed to block the construction until the site engineer increases the size of the mosque in accordance with the initial plan and design released by the management.  They want mosque size increased from 50 by 50feet to 100 by 100 feet so that it can accommodate a big number of believers.

Ismael Ibrahim, the site engineer from Ibun Baz Nile Muslim community Development Company denied any wrongdoing, saying that they were only following the design given to them by the mosque management committee.  

“The project comprises a storied mosque and lockups and it’s what we are constructing , we are implementing designs received from management,” he said  

Hussein Kyambadde, one of the Muslims claims the foundation looks like that of a residential house yet they want a big storied mosque befitting the district headquarters.  He says that they will not allow the project to continue until the engineer fulfils their demand.
Issa Bira, another believer says that the materials used to lay the foundation are of poor quality, which they can’t accept.

Musa Kagechi says that they were surprised to see that the contractor constructing a small building contrary to what the mosque management told them prior to the start of the project.

 Ali Sempa Omena, the Chairperson Noor mosque says that they have stopped the construction works until the management committee convenes and considers the demands of believers.

Shiekh Jamir Juma Obandio, the Kadhi Busia Muslim District condemned the worshippers for destroying the foundation, which cost them millions of Shillings. He says that there’s need to explain and provide the bill of quantities- BOQ to the believers to understand the project design.



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