Radio Simba Employees Arrested over Museveni ‘Prayer’

radio simba

Members of the Bizonto Comedy group

Security operatives believed to be from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) on Friday morning raided Radio Simba, a private radio station in Kampala, and arrested five of its employees on charges connected to sectarianism.

The radiomen, Julius Sserwanja aka Kidomoole, Mbabaali Maliseeri aka Uncle Luyuguumo, Peter Sssaabakaaki aka Omuzinyuuzi and Gold Ki Matono aka Opeto and a journalist, James Kamali, were arrested from inside the gate of the Bukoto-based radio station moments after their morning show dubbed Binsaanga Wano.

They are also members of a comedy group known as Bizonto that has recently been releasing politically inspired satirical videos.

Their recent release was veiled in a prayer for President Yoweri Museveni but bringing out the perceived unfair distribution of government jobs.

It is believed that their arrest is connected to this particular clip. Information from Radio Simba indicates that the group is detained at the CMI headquarters in Mbuya, Nakawa division.

In a Facebook post, the deputy Resident City Commissioner in charge of Division, Herbert Anderson Burora said that the security had arrested comedians not Radio Simba employees. 

The arrest as captured by a Radio Simba staff

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