Rally drivers donate relief items to disabled children

FMU President Dipu Ruparelia and his Executive (courtesy photo)

Rally drivers under their umbrella body of the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda (FMU) on Monday donated user items worth five million Shillings to children living with disability, at the Jinja city’s based Home of Hope children care center.

The items donated comprised of bread, milk products, soap and mattresses.

They also gave 11 million Shillings in hard cash to the home, to helping the organization, foot the medical bills for some of the ailing children within the facility.

Home of hope is host to 86 children living with autism, cerebral palsy, spinal bifidas, hydrocephalous and epilepsy among other conditions, who are received from all corners of the country.

Edith Lukabwe, the executive director of Home of Hope says that unidentified individuals dump their children living with severe disabilities outside the organization’s premises and they only rely on well-wishers to support them.

Lukabwe added that with continuous support from neighboring communities and individual donations from random well wishers, the organization has managed to foot medical bills, tuition fees and the general welfare of all the children under their care.

The FMU president, Dipu Ruparellia says that the initiative is aimed at giving back to rally hosting communities throughout the different parts of the country.

Dipu says that, such initiatives have been slowed down due to covid19 frustrations, which have left several drivers financially constrained, however they have embarked on an initiative of convincing all rally participants to donate a meagre fee of at least 100,000 Shillings each per event, with an aim of boosting donation drives to the targeted communities.

Kees Kagolo, the eastern motor club chairman says that such acts of engaging in corporate social responsibilities not only popularize the sport, but also help drivers to directly contribute towards the solving of community needs within their grassroots fan bases.

One of the rally drivers, Rajiv Ruparellia, who donated five university scholarships to some of the children at Home of Hope, challenged his counterparts in the car racing sport, to financially and logistically boost the welfare of disadvantaged communities, as such initiatives contribute positive steps towards laying a firm foundation for the thriving of the sporting activity all over the country.


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