RDC Jailed over Theft of Shs 340,000

Joana Omara Olweny, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for Kole district has been remanded to Lira government prison for aggravated robbery and assault.

Olweny was arrested on Thursday morning from Silver Peak Hotel in Lira City and arraigned before the Lira Grade One Magistrate, Igga Adiru who read to him the charges before sending him to jail.

According to prosecution, Olweny, in the company of his bodyguards who are still at large allegedly assaulted Ronald Opio who is deaf and Janan Okot for defying the curfew. Opio succumbed to injuries at Lira Hospital.

The incident happened on April 3 at Corner Kakoge A, in Ojwina division.

Prosecution also alleges that Olweny stole Shs 320,000 from Okot and Shs 20,000 belonging to Opio.

Olweny asked the court to grant him bail on grounds that he is sick and on medication.

However, Adiru said the charges are capital in nature. He remanded Olweny until August 27.

On Tuesday, Persons with disabilities under their umbrella body Lira District Union of People with Disability called for the arrest of Olweny and his bodyguard, whose identities are yet to be established.


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