Resign, FDC Tells Byabakama

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has announced that it is not suspending its campaign program “despite the challenges” but is demanding for the resignation of the Electoral Commission (EC) chairman, Justice Simon Byabakama.

Addressing journalists at the FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi near Kampala, the party’s secretary-general, Nathan Nandala Mafabi accused the electoral body of failing on its mandate to independently manage the electoral process.

“Byabakama should resign, he is not in control of the process. The Constitution gives him mandate to manage the elections but he has  failed and handed over that mandate to Museveni, the police and the army,” Nandala said.

According to Nandala, the EC is acting in contravention of the Constitution.

“Our candidate  [Patrick Amuriat Oboi] has been harassed several times by the police the other day, he was on radio in Agago and it was switched off, we contacted the EC but they failed to handle,” Nandala said.

Nonetheless, the FDC will not suspend its campaigns, Wasswa Biriggwa, the head of Amuriat’s campaign team said.

“We advised that it was not wise to go into an election in the midst of a pandemic but they didn’t listen. As FDC, we are to go on with the campaigns because Museveni’s intention is to fail us, he wants to campaign alone,” Biriggwa said.

On Wednesday, the FDC presidential candidate was violently arrested from his campaign venue in Gulu and taken into detention at Gulu police station till about 10:00pm.

The EC is yet to respond.


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