Results Analysis: EC gifted Katumba with Kyagulanyi’s votes

“Are you talking about Katumba oyee? They wondered, “That is not possible,” one resident said as bodaboda riders operating from a stage near the polling station wondered who in their area could have given Katumba more than 300 votes.


John Katumba with his agents after his nomination on November 3, 2020


An independent scrutiny of the 2021 presidential elections data as released by the Electoral Commission (EC) shows that John Katumba benefited from human errors by the EC staff that awarded him votes meant for Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

Kyagulanyi came second with 3,631,437 which is 35.08 percent compared to Museveni’s tally of 6,042,898 or 58.38 percent of the total valid votes cast but Kyagulanyi’s tally could have been higher if the EC did not gift some of his votes to Katumba.

The 24-year-old Katumba stood in the ninth position on the final tally with 37,554 votes, many of which were not for him, according to an analysis by Uganda Radio Network (URN), a Kampala based independent news agency.

Katumba hardly collected more than five votes at a single polling station but ended up registering the highest number of votes from at least seven polling stations in the districts of Wakiso, Mukono, Kasese, Mayuge and Abim.

For instance, at Maganjo B Church of Uganda [NANO-NZ] situated in Maganjo parish, Nansana Municipality in Wakiso district, EC data shows that Katumba obtained 333 votes followed by Museveni with 61 votes and Kyagulanyi with one vote while the rest did not register any vote here.

But when our reporter visited the polling station, armed with the EC data set whose details were shocking to the locals; some of whom voted and witnessed the counting of votes at the said polling station. Some laughed in bewilderment, wondering where Katumba got such votes.

 “Are you talking about Katumba oyee? They wondered, “That is not possible,” one resident said as bodaboda riders operating from a stage near the polling station wondered who in their area could have given Katumba more than 300 votes.

Many could not remember exactly how the different presidential candidates faired at their polling station but were sure that Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine took the majority votes.

Hilary Ndyamuhaki, who runs a shop within the polling station’s vicinity says that he took time to record the results from all the seven polling stations hosted at the Church, and at all of them, Bobi Wine polled more than 300 votes.

“What I remember is that Kyagulanyi won at every polling station [here], I moved from one polling station to another but there is nowhere Katumba won,” Ndyamuhaki said.

Rachael Nakalanzi, the National Unity Platform (NUP) parish supervisor, recorded the results of each polling station in a book and also took pictures of the declaration of results forms from her area.

From her records, Katumba scored zero and the votes that appear in the EC tally against Katumba’s name, belonged to Kyagulanyi.

Museveni’s scores according to Nakalanzi’s record remained unchanged as compared to the EC tally but Norbert Mao’s one vote was awarded to Kyagulanyi.

“Bobi Wine, Robert Kyagulanyi got 333, Yoweri Museveni got 61, Norbert Mao got one vote, Katumba and the others got zero. The EC has to correct this [wrong entry] and give Kyagulanyi his right scores,” Nakalanzi said, further raising fears that error could have been deliberate to steal her party president’s victory.

Elia Nayebare, a resident of Kawanda-Nakyesanja, also had a record indicating that Kyagulanyi’s 256 votes at Nakyesanja (O-Z) Takirambudde ground had been given to Katumba.

URN obtained a photocopy of the DR form from Nakifuma East-NAN-Z indicating that Kyagulanyi obtained the highest number of votes at the polling station – 258 votes, followed by Museveni with 51 votes, Linda Nancy Kalembe and Patrick Oboi Amuriat picked a vote each while the rest of the candidates, including Katumba, scored zero.

This record sharply contrasts what the EC published in its final tally, interchanging Kyagulanyi’s 258 votes with Katumba’s no score.

Benjamin Tamale, who was the presiding officer at the polling station, expressed shock at how the results changed.

Some of the contentious results

The electoral body also altered results from two polling stations from Entebbe Municipality namely, Entebbe Comprehensive SSS A-BUS and Kawafu Namagembe’s Place (NAM-Z), and awarded Kyagulanyi’s votes to Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde.

According to the EC final tally, Tumukunde obtained 371 votes and 454 votes from the two polling stations respectively to the shock of the electoral officials in the area.

Jovan Kasule, who was the presiding officer at Entebbe Comprehensive SSS A-BUS recalls that Tumukunde polled less than four votes and Kyagulanyi gathered 200 votes. Museveni 

who was given two votes in the final tally, obtained 148 votes ahead of Patrick Oboi Amuriat with 11 votes, while the rest of the other candidates got less than 10 votes each.

At Kawafu Namagembe’s Place (NAM-Z) agents of various presidential candidates who preferred not to be named also questioned the number of voters indicated on the EC final tally, raising fears that the electoral body could have inflated the numbers of voters who voted from their polling station.

What is surprising for them is how Tumukunde was awarded votes from nowhere, and how Museveni’s votes were swapped with those for Fred Mwesigye. 

The independent candidate (Mwesigye) was given 85 votes and Museveni two votes.


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