Scabies Hits Five Sub Counties in Hoima District

More than 500 people have been infested with scabies in Hoima district. Scabies is an itchy, highly contagious skin disease which spreads through skin to skin contact. It is caused by the infestation of a parasitic mite called Sarcoptes scabiei

The disease which manifests by severe and relentless itch has hit hard five sub-counties of Kyabigambire, Buseruka, Kitoba, Buraru and Kigorobya affecting both adults and children raising concerns among the residents and health officials.  

Some of the affected villages are Rwamutunga in Buseruka sub-county, Bineneza and Nyakabingo villages in Kyabigambire and Buraru sub-counties among others.  According to the locals, since December 2019 they have been struggling to combat the disease.  

Harriet Oyeki, a resident of Nyakabingo village is one of the affected residents. Her seven months old daughter has been grappling with Scabies for the last five months now.  

John Ondoma, a resident of Buseruka says treating scabies has become a challenge to the locals who can’t walk long distances to health centres to seek treatment. They are only relying on the Village Health Teams for medication with many opting to using herbal medicine to treat the disease.

Hoima District Health Inspector Dr Fredrick Byenume says that health officials in the district are doing all they can to ensure that the disease is contained. He equally advised the affected communities to observe good hygiene to further combat the spread of the disease.  

In March this year, scabies devastated four villages of Abangi, Onin, Bisaju and Ogadra in Budongo Sub County in Masindi district. The disease greatly affected pupils of Kasenene primary school  


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