Security Probes Masaka Covid-19 Patients for Shaming the Gov't

Covid-19 patients at Masaka Regional Regerral Hospital who release video recordings showing the appalling state at the pandemic’s isolation and treatment are to be subjected to mental checks in addition interrogation by security operatives.
This is after the Masaka district COVID-19 taskforce got suspicious that there was an ulterior motive by the patients to cast government in bad light.
An asymptomatic female COVID-19 patient who identified herself as Mary Aliona, currently undergoing treatment at the hospital lost her cool on Sunday, June 28 and recorded a video bemoaning the unconducive situation at the ward, which she says isn’t appropriate for patients.
In her nine-minute video that has since gone viral, the patient laments that the ward is faced with acute inadequacies that range from basic utilities; food, water and other sanitation facilities, as well as shortage of medical staff to attend to patients.
The patient also complains about the types of medicines they are being treated with.
Authorities were quick to denounce her claims only to be shocked two days later when a group of male patients at the same hospital, released another video confirming Aliona’s claims.
Despite pertinent concerns raised in the video, the Masaka Resident District Commissioner (RDC) who also doubles as the  chairperson of the district’s COVID-19 task force, Herman Ssentongo said that suspicion is high that the patients could have released the videos with the intention of undermining the integrity of both the government and health workers.
“That facility was renovated, was equipped and we put all the relevant medical personnel there. I’m the one who opened it and by that time, it didn’t have a patient and now it’s full to capacity,” Ssentongo said.
Aliona reportedly tested positive to Covid-19 at Mutukula as she attempted to sneak out of the country to Tanzania where she hoped to catch a flight to South Korea.
“My intelligence information shows that she wanted to get some funny Covid-19 results to get to wherever she was going and when her attempts failed, she resorted to irresponsible behavior,” Ssentongo said.
“You may think this an innocent whistleblower when actually the motives are bigger. We have so far discharged 47 patients from this facility and all of them are appreciative of the services therein, we can’t let our efforts be undermined,” he added.
Dr. Mark Jjuuko, the head of the hospital’s Covid-19 treatment unit said that besides security investigations, they are also considering to conduct a mental check-up on the patients.
Dr Jjuko said that they were surprised by the video, wondering why the patient didn’t tell them about her concerns and chose to get onto the social media.
None of the authorities wants to comment about attention to others salient issues in the video that include poor sanitation, congestion, poor partitioning among others.


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