Seven University students arrested over campaign procession

Muteesa I Royal University

Muteesa I Royal University

Seven students from Muteesa I Royal University’s main campus in Kirumba Masaka have been arrested for participating in a campaign procession for the guild council elections.

The students who are detained at Masaka Central Police station were arrested on Tuesday after they conducted a drive through Masaka town together with the various candidates.

Those arrested are; Barbra Nanyondo, Harriet Nanyanzi, Maria Nakayita, Gloria Kisakye, Sherinah, Feris Lukowe, and Derrick Kitatta who are contesting on the National Unity Platform-NUP ticket.

Muhammad Nsubuga, the Greater Masaka Regional Police Spokesperson says that the students contravened the public order management guidelines law when they conducted a procession without the knowledge of the police.  

Nsubuga says that during the procession, the students obstructed traffic flow and disrupted businesses in Masaka and Nyendo towns.

Vincent Luswata, the NUP candidate for the guild presidential race condemned the police for selective application of the law. He says that their National Resistance Movement-NRM counterparts on Monday conducted a similar procession without any interference. 

According to Luswata, Police pursued their convoy and arrested some of their colleagues on their way back to the University for the Manifesto launch.

He threatened to mobilize fellow students to camp at the police station to demand the release of their colleagues.


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