Shoot to Kill: Warriors given one week to surrender fire arms

Police recover guns stolen by Karimojong warriors

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Security authorities in Moroto district have given warriors in Loputuk sub-county a week’s ultimatum to surrender all illegal firearms in their possession before soldiers begin to implement the shoot-to-kill order. 

Early last month, the security authorities outed a list of twenty-eight suspected cattle rustlers with illegal guns. 

The officials read out the names of warriors suspected of owning illegal firearms to ease their identification. 

Justin Tuko, the Moroto Deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC) said they have already issued an order to security forces to shoot and kill those suspected of owning illegal firearms but they have given them the last chance to voluntarily hand over the firearms. 

Tuko said that they know the suspects but they wanted to first give them time hoping they would return peacefully but it looks like their motive is not about peace. 

Tuko says that since they started naming the suspected warriors with guns, only a few have returned voluntarily the firearms while others are still paying deaf ears while causing havoc in the region. 

According to Tuko, whereas attacks have reduced in some parts of Moroto, Loputuk remains the most dangerous area harboring raiders who are terrorizing Napak, Nabilatuk, and within Moroto town.

He says that they no longer want to beg the criminals to bring back their guns but will instead apply force, which may result in loss of life if they prefer it that way. 

He revealed this while receiving a gun from Robert Lopuwa, a resident of Acherer village in the Loputuk sub-county.

 Lopuwa was among those identified with illegal firearms. 

He decided to voluntarily hand them over the firearm when the information reached him that he was on the hunt.

Paul Loduk, a resident of Nadunget sub-county noted that disarming people while other few individuals are left freely is what keeps insecurity alive in Karamoja.

 Loduk said that when he surrendered his gun, he was confident that security would provide total protection to his cows.

 He, however, says that unfortunately, after giving out the gun, all his animals were raided by some criminals who did not return theirs.

‘’It hurts a lot for you to surrender your gun that has been helping in protection. Then the warriors discover that you have been disarmed. They come proudly and take all the animals under the watch of security forces,’’ Loduk said in his sorrowful mood. 

He said that if an order is issued for everyone to hand over illegal guns, it should be uniform so that the security of their properties is fully guaranteed.

Mark Achia, another resident in the same area suggested that security should arrest the close relatives of those who are still hiding with illegal guns so that their relatives exert pressure on them to release the guns.

 Achia says the two years warriors have taken terrorizing people are enough for them and there should be no more massaging of the criminals.


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