Shrines outnumber churches in Luweero district- Archbishop Ssemogerere

Shrines outnumber churches

The Archbishop of Kampala His Grace Paul Ssemogerere is bothered by the high number of Shrines, which outnumber Churches and other places of worship including Mosques.

This is reported in Kamira Catholic Parish in Kasana-Luwero Diocese.

The Archbishop expressed concern on Sunday while commissioning the 20th parish in Kasana-Luwero Catholic Diocese, which covers Luwero, Nakaseke and Nakasongola districts.

The new St. Charles Lwanga Kamira Jubilee Parish joins 19 others that have been in existence. Kamira Parish came into existence about two years ago after it was carved out of Kikyuusa and Nakasongola Parishes.

Officiating at the event, three weeks after his installation as the Archbishop of Kampala, Ssemogerere, said that many Christians are still exhibiting disloyalty to their faith by flocking Churches during the day, and visiting shrines at night under the cover of darkness.

He revealed this in a report compiled over the last two years that was presented to him by Rev. Fr. Bernard Ssubi, whom he has also installed as the pioneer Kamira Parish priest.

Herbert Mutyaba, the Chairman of ‘Uganda N’eddagala Lyayo’ Luwero branch declined to reveal the number of shrines under his control in Kamira Catholic Parish and the district when contacted by URN, saying it was their secret.

Asked to comment on Ssemogerere’s concern about those who visit shrines and go to Churches, Mutyaba told Uganda Radio Network (URN) that as traditional herbalists, they don’t bar their clients from going to Church, adding that people are free to do whatever they want.

This is not the first time, authorities in Luwero are raising concern about the high number of shrines.

In 2013, while handing over office to his successor, Godfrey Ninsiima, the former Luwero District Police Commander (DPC), Samuel Bamuzibire, said combating witchcraft was the greatest challenge of his tenure.

Bamuzibire said that most cases registered in the district were connected to witchcraft.

He said that from the time he took over the office in December 2009, most cases of mob justice, murder and attempted murder stemmed from accusations of witchcraft.

He urged Ninsiima to be courageous in combating the vice because it had strong roots in the community.

Bamuzibire revealed that belief in witchcraft was moreprevalent in the Ziroobwe sub-county


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