Six local leaders resign, join public service

At least six local leaders have resigned from their political offices to join public service in the Teso sub-region. 

The most affected district is Katakwi where four local leaders have resigned.

 Those who have quit politics are Francis Okwameri, the Ngariam Sub County Councilor, and Emmy Ojirot, the LC 3 Chairperson of Palam. 

The duo was appointed Kalaki and Kapelebyong Deputy Resident District Commissioners respectively. 

The others are Francis Imeriget of Okore and Brenda Asio of Usuk sub-counties who have been appointed Parish Chiefs and deployed to Palam and Kapujan parishes respectively.

In Soroti district, Simon Opolon, the Tubur Town Council LC V councilor bid farewell to his colleagues in council on May 30, 2022, during the budget approval. 

Opolon joined the education service and was posted toNabilatuk district. 

Stephen Olebe, the Soroti District Council Speaker, said that Opolon took the right decision to join public service since political offices have no job security. 

“As members of Soroti district council, we want to wish you well in your career. I want to encourage other members of the council and politicians to study so that they are able to access such opportunities when they retire from politics or even opt-out like our colleague, Opolon”, Olebe said during the council.

In Serere district, Angella Catherine Among, the Woman Councilor for Bugondo and Kasilo Town Council also tendered her resignation last week during the budget approval at the district headquarters.

According to Among, she wants to be in class to encourage girls to stay in school.

 She also noted that she resorted to politics after failing to join the government but when the opportunity presented, she had to resign.

Martin Musoke, the Katakwi District Returning Officer, says that they have set August for the by-election in the affected sub-counties. 

Musoke said that the district has six slots to be filled.  These include the slot for two members of the council who died after the elections. 

The Katakwi Sub County and Town Council Woman Councilor, Agnes Apio died during childbirth last year, and Polycarp Onjimu, the male councilor for Usuk Sub County and Town Council.

 Musoke revealed that the election program that starts with the update of the voter’s register commences next week.

Most of the local leaders took advantage of the job adverts running in the district to get recruited into public service.  


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