Speaker arrested over special meeting

Police have arrested Justus Akampulira, the speaker of Kawempe Division and Mushin Katende the lord councilor Kawempe North for inciting violence.

The speaker had called a special Council Meeting to discuss the plight of street vendors who were evicted from the streets in the Kawempe division.

Jasmine Namuli one of the councilors said that the meeting was called by the speaker to find ways of relocating the evicted vendors and also talk about the brutal eviction done by the police and the army.

While the meeting was going on police invaded the meeting which was held at Kawempe division compound and arrested the speaker and the lord councilor Mushin Katende and also dispersed the meeting.

Thomas Bagonza, the Wandegeya councilor said that they wanted to pass a by-law under their mandate to regulate the street vendors in Kawempe. 

He adds that councilors want vendors to be allowed to operate in the evening from 5 pm to 9 pm so that people can make some money to feed their families to avert criminality that might develop in these hard times.

 The councilors also wanted to inspect a space near Nakamiro channel which is under construction where they wanted to relocate the vendors that which police sabotaged.

The Kawempe Mayor Emanuel Sserunjogi condemned the brutal way that police and the army are using to evict the vendors in Kawempe.

Luke Owoyesigyire the Kampala Metropolitan deputy spokesperson of Police said that the arrested are still kept at Kawempe police station for inciting violence and will be presented in courts of law.

Kampala Capital City Authority, police, and UPDF army on Monday last week carried out on an operation of evicting all street vendors in Kawempe Division and over one thousand vendors were forced out of the streets in Kawempe.

Early this morning a similar operation was carried out and kiosks, boutiques, and mobile money points were demolished near Kawempe Muslim Primary school playgrounds and along Mambule road.  


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