mathias mpuuga

On this day when we commemorate International Women’s Day, I congratulate women at all stages and levels of life who toil every day to make this country great.

Every year on March 8th, the world invites us to reflect on the plight of women in our communities. As a country, we should draw our attention to the many issues that affect women especially bad governance which has a tendency of filtering through all sectors of life where women would have loved to influence public affairs.

I invite the country to reflect on the causes of the suffering of women like unemployment, pregnancy-related deaths that claim not less than 15 mothers every day in our country; and work together as leaders and citizens, to uplift the livelihoods of women because for every woman we save, we are saving a nation, and for every woman we get out of poverty, we are empowering an entire community.

It is our duty as leaders to work together and ensure that women are safe at workplaces, in schools and everywhere. The born and unborn must be saved and it is our duty.

This year’s theme: “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” , should remind us to ensure that whatever we do is to promote the position of women in our society.

We should empower women to achieve their most desired goals. A woman achiever is a country’s achiever, a woman achiever is a world’s achiever.

All of us can work together and better our lives and positions.

For God and My Country.

Mathias Mpuuga (MP)
Leader of the Opposition


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