Strange disease hits Kyotera district, kills 10 people

A number of them died within two or three days after presenting the symptoms.

Kyotera district

View of Kyotera district (courtesy photo)

More than 10 people have reportedly died of a strange disease within just two weeks at Kijjonjo village in Kasasa sub-county, Kyotera District.

Denis Muyunga, the area LCIII Chairman, says that the residents first developed symptoms such as nausea, severe fever, vomiting, chest pain, a sore throat, abdominal pain, swelling on the arms, and diarrhoea.

A number of them died within two or three days after presenting the symptoms.

He says they got concerned when more people developed similar signs and symptoms and invited the health and security authorities to intervene.

He adds that the district health authorities and the Ministry of Health have already intervened to establish the cause of death.

However, the health and security authorities in Kyotera district have rushed to Kijjonjo village to establish what could have killed said people, but added that the numbers were exaggerated by the community.

Dr Edward Muwanga, the District Health Officer (DHO) and the team dispatched to confirm the reports, have only recorded four deaths to the strange disease.

According to Muwanga, the deceased include two farmers who died on November, 24 and November 25, a 26-year-old foreman who died on November 26, and a 15-year-old girl who died on November 28.

Muwanga says that they are trying to contain the disease from spreading as they wait for direct intervention from the Ministry of Health.

Muwanga further says that they have already traced the contacts of the deceased and taken monitoring them as they continue studying the situation.

He declined to divulge details of the deceased saying it was inappropriate because the case is sensitive and under investigation.

Some residents believe it is a spiritual ailment and they want traditional healers in the area to intervene to cleanse the village of the bad spell.


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