Students set school building on fire in Lyantonde

The administration block of St Gonzaga Secondary school Kijukizo in Lyantonde Sub County, Lyantonde district has been set on fire during a students’ strike.

The fire was according to the school administration lit by rowdy students who went on  rampage on Monday when they organized a strike with intention of destroying properties.

Unidentified students threw a burning substance inside the office of the school’s Deputy Headteacher through the window.

Emmanuel Kavuma, the school’s Head teacher says that several properties including important documents were destroyed by the fire he suspects was set by rowdy students.

According to him, the teachers quickly noticed the smoke and hurriedly responded and contained the fire before it spread to other offices and the entire school’s administration building.

Sources at the school indicate that the students were protesting the high handedness of the school’s administration. 

It is also alleged that the administration also stopped the students from organizing a senior Four and Six leavers’ party, for which the students had planned to celebrate with a disco.

Joan Nakunja, the School’s Headteacher says they have closed the school and accordingly sent all the students home. 

According to her, they got worried that the students could resume the strike, hence choosing to temporarily close down the school as they study the situation.

Nakunja says the school has been closed for a week, and all the students have been instructed to report back with their parents. 

Mustapha Kalule, the Chairperson for Lyantonde Town council and a member of the School Board of Governors says the available preliminary reports suggest that the incident is an inside scheme that was planned for some time.

He says besides waiting for a comprehensive investigation by the Police, they are also going to demand that Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are placed at the School that could prevent such incidents.

Notably, in a space of three weeks Lyantonde district has reported students’ strike in two separate secondary schools.

The first occurred on June 16th, 2022 after students vandalized buildings and equipment at St. John Comprehensive Secondary School located in Kaliro sub county.

 The students complained that the school administration was feeding them poorly.


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