Surge in Covid-19 cases worries leaders in Arua City

covid-19 cases

A surge of Covid19 cases in Arua City has raised concern among leaders in Arua City.

According to records from the health department, 177 covid-19 cases have been reported from Monday to Thursday.

Seven of the victims are nurses at Oli Health Center IV in Arua Central Division, 22 Police officers at Arua CPS while the rest are from Mvara, Onduparaka, and Ediofe areas.

The surveillance team of Arua City Taskforce says that the high numbers call for emergency response.

Alice Akello the RCC Arua and Chairperson City Covid19 Taskforce says that many people have abandoned wearing face masks and observation of other SOPs leading to the surge.

According to Akello, security will begin full enforcement on wearing masks and also charge those who deliberately ignore Covid19 prevention SOPs effective Monday.

Mahmoud Elias a member of Arua City Covid19 Surveillance and Laboratory Services explained that Ediofe, Awindiri, and Sambya are being monitored by the Surveillance Team as hotspots for the spread of Covid19.

Abdu Khalsum, the Secretary Social Services Arua City Council said the rampant social gatherings without observation of Covid19 in the City have opened the avenue for a surge of Covid19.

She, however, calls for observation of SOPs, adding that plans are underway to start mass rapid Covid-19 test for people from next week.

According to preliminary health reports, the gatherings of people during the festive season fueled the upsurge in new Covid19 cases in Arua, West Nile, and other regions of the country.


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