Tell the NRM Story, Museveni urges Party Leaders

President Yoweri Museveni has told National Resistance Movement (NRM) leaders to explain to the electorate the history of the NRM revolution so as to endear the party to the younger population.

Museveni who is also the NRM presidential flag bearer on Monday addressed his party’s leaders from the districts Paliisa, Butebo and Kibuku at Busitema University grounds as he continues to mop up support for his 2021 re-election bid.

Challenged by a more youthful candidate; Robert Kyagulanyi in an election where the youth vote is likely to be a key determinant, Museveni believes that the youths can find NRM more promising than the generational card being played by his lead contender. But this can happen if the NRM leaders tell their party’s success story.

Going back to Uganda’s political history before the NRM captured state power in 1986; Museveni said that it is the NRM that has turned around Uganda’s situation from failure to prosperity.

“I want you to pass this plan of the NRM to the population so they know what they are supporting and how it will secure their future. The NRM leaders should emphasize reasons for our success,” Museveni said.

“We departed from the line of UPC, Kabaka Yekka and DP which were emphasizing the identity of people. We were able to build a strong force that took power in 1986. If people ask you how NRM is different from other groups, tell them we believe in dealing with people’s problems,” he added.

Museveni said that NRM’s success story is like that of the Chinese Communist Party and which has caused a fundamental change China which led to massive development.

“If you read all our literature, you will see that dealing with people’s problems has made us succeed. We were able to create more unity in the politics of Uganda. This is the message you should tell the people because our medicine is tested and has worked,” Museveni said.
“These steps are a sure way of transforming Uganda and we have achieved most of them. You should tell this message to Ugandans to continue supporting NRM and vote for us because we have succeeded and we shall continue succeeding.”

The Workers’ MP, Sam Lyomoki hailed the NRM government for upgrading the Tirinyi-Pallisa-Kumi and Pallisa-Kamonkoli roads that he said would spur development in the Bukedi sub-region.

“Our people can favourably transport their produce to the markets. The road has also spurred development in the nearby communities,” he said.


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