The holy month of Ramadhan: Mubaje asks Govt to cut prices on Commodities


Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda has asked the government to consider subsidizing commodity prices.

According to the Mufti, many Ugandans are currently unable to afford basic commodities such as soap, bar soap, sugar, salt, and cooking oil because of hiked prices.

“We ask the government to subsidize commodity prices even if it means losing taxes. There is a need to support the people to afford basics items. It’s unfortunate that commodity prices have shot up when people are just recovering from the lockdown,” he said. Adding that “People’s lives can’t be the same without basic necessities. We haven’t asked about tax deductions on vehicles but we are talking about basic commodity prices.”

He was addressing the media shortly after Friday prayers at Gadaffi National Mosque to deliver his Ramadhan message.

Commodity prices have short up in the past few weeks. For example, currently, a kilogram of bar soap cost up to Sh 10,000 up from Sh6000 and a litre of cooking oil costs up to Sh9000 from Sh 5400 in past few months.

At the same media briefing, the Mufti congratulate Muslims in Uganda and the world at large upon successfully reaching the month of Ramadhan.

He noted that the importance of the month of Ramadhan is to get mercy from Allah, forgiveness and removal from hellfire.

“I, therefore, encourage Muslims to ward hard during this month and earn more reward from Allah by praying Taraweh, giving Sadaqah, reciting the Quran, reconciliation and forgiving each other,” he said.

Adding that “May this month be peaceful all over the world, especially in areas of wars and we pray that leaders in fighting countries engage in peace talks and ceasefire. We thank those countries that have already ceased fire in respect of Ramadhan.”

He also extended his condolences to the family and government of Uganda on the demise of the Speaker of parliament, the late Jacob Lo’kori Oulanyah.

“The country has lost a very strong patriotic person,” sheikh Mubaje said.


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