The police report confirms Ugandan domestic worker was murdered in Egypt

milly namazzi

Milly Namazzi (courtesy photo)

The examination of body samples removed from the corpse of Milly Namazzi has revealed that all the internal organs were intact.

Namazzi left Uganda for a domestic job in Saudi Arabia in 2019.  She was expected to return home after the expiry of her two years contract. However, she sent audios to relatives saying she had been abducted and taken to Egypt from where she was going to be killed.

The relatives lost contact with her. This forced them to confront Dream Connect Company Limited a labour export firm that had taken her to provide answers.

 The proprietors were tasked to explain how Namazzi had been smuggled to Egypt yet she left Uganda for Saudi Arabia. 

After a month, the relatives received information that Namazzi had died in an accident.  The relatives received the body and alleged that the kidneys and body parts were missing. But the police’s medical examination report indicated that all the internal organs were intact.

The report also concludes that Namazzi was murdered and not killed by an accident.  “First, we rule out an accident as the cause of death. This was torture and murder. She was cut with a very sharp object through her private parts up to the placenta. She was left to bleed to death. It was a gruesome murder, not an accident. But her internal organs were removed,” a senior police detective said.

Police’s medical report adds that Namazzi’s private parts were detached from the pelvic region because of the deep cuts. The private parts folded thus appearing like they had been cut off. The report adds that her libs and head were crashed with sticks. “The Saudi Arabia accident documents were fake.

This was not an accident. What killed her was the cutting from her private parts up to the placenta. We believe her body and head were crashed with a stick after she had died purposely to indicate it was an accident,” a detective adds.

Charles Twine, the CID spokesperson, said the Director of Public Prosecution has advised investigators to get a document analyst to investigate the source of documents that accompanied Namazzi’s body.

“The body came with some medical documents showing she was involved in an accident. The DPP has advised us to do further inquiries which we are going to undertake. This may include verifying the authenticity of the documents provided by the suspects,” Twine said.

This is not the first time labour export firms have presented documents showing domestic workers in Saudi Arabia have died of accidents.

Nile Treasure Gate Company last month presented documents showing Judith Nakintu who is now disabled was involved in an accident. But police examination confirm that her right kidney was removed.


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