Three Cattle rustlers killed in Napak

Cattle rustlers

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Three suspected Karimojong cattle rustlers have been shot dead. The rustlers from Kotido district were shot dead in an ambush laid by the army and police in Lopei sub-county in Napak district.

Michael Longole the Karamoja Regional Police Spokesperson said that the rustlers entered into the ambush on Friday night where they had a brief exchange of fire with the police and army.

“They were planning to carry out a raid in Napak but they landed into our ambush three were killed on spot”, he said.

Longole said the joint forces managed to recover one rifle registration number 1970CT7312 with 47 rounds of ammunition.

“We are not going to tolerate any more because these rustlers think they are special. They kill innocent persons and drive away their livestock.

Longole warned that the rustlers who have refused to listen to several calls for them to hand over guns.

Mary Nakiru one of the residents of Lopei Sub County in Napak district wondered why the rustlers have continued carrying out raids despite heavy deployment of police and army.

“We have failed to understand what’s going on because the government has deployed heavily in the region but the rustlers have continued posing a security threat,” She said.

Joseph Lemukol another concerned resident of Kautakou said the government needs to declare a state of emergency and deal with the security situation in Karamoja.

“We feel neglected because there is no difference between Masaka incidents and Karamoja incidents but the government is just quiet about the issues of Karamoja,” he said.


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