Three family members arrested over murder of Busoga businessman

Police officer arrested

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Police in Kiira region have today arrested three family members of a wealthy Busoga family with diverse business interests, suspected to have participated in the death of their brother, Shaban Malore. 

Those so far arrested are Farouk Malore, Husaifa Malore and Ismah Malore. The suspects are currently detained at Nalufenya police station, awaiting prosecution. 

Malore, a renowned businessman was shot dead on the weekend at his home in Buweera village, in Buwenge sub county, in Jinja district. 

He was buried in Kituuba village, in Kisozi sub county, in Kamuli district yesterday.

Malore, alongside his 49 other siblings have been entangled in a 17-year-long property dispute, dating all the way back to 2006, when their father, Suleiman Malore passed away.

Suleiman Malore owned a 900 acre piece of land in Kamuli, commercial houses in Jinja, Iganga and Kamuli, coffee mills in Luuka, residential houses, vehicles and 300 hundred head of cattle. 

Their disagreements prompted intervention of both political leaders and clan heads alike, in a bid to harmonize, however, over the years, the family members failed to agree on the proper terms of property sharing.

They resolved to refer their matters to Jinja high court for further redress in 2010 however, the family developed deeper factions and continued to fight amongst themselves.

Available intelligence reports indicate that, 24 family members who are suspected to have masterminded the shooting of their brother, held a meeting to discuss this plot on 7th, May, 2022. 

They later held a press conference, describing their plight on 8th, May, 2022, where they accused Malore of teaming up with their three equally wealthy siblings to deny them rights to their late father’s estate. 

They further convinced the clan leaders and their paternal uncle, Badiru Malore, to run radio announcements rallying the rest of their siblings to attend the final family harmonization meeting slated for Sunday, 15th, May, but, their brother was shot dead just a day to the meeting. 

The Kiira region police spokesperson, James Mubi says that, detectives have since pitched camp at the late Malore’s home and efforts of tracking down other key suspects within the family setup are underway. 


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