Three People murdered in Soroti City

Three  people with brutally murdered in three separate and unrelated incidents in Soroti

Oscar Ageca, the East Kyoga Police Spokesperson has confirmed that three people including Uganda Peoples Defence Force  (UPDF) soldier were killed in Soroti in separate incidents in a single day on 3rd July 2022.

Kenneth Willy Rubangakane, attached to Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) was shot dead by a security guard, Paul Otim of Jack Security at Town Talks in the heart of Soroti City on Sunday over struggle for a woman each of the two loved, according to Ageca.

The other Sunday victim, Sam Ojam, was killed by his son Samuel Alimu during a fight that ensued between him and his father following domestic misunderstanding in Katine sub-county in Soroti District, Ageca explained.

The other deceased, Edmond Ebwoyu aged 28 years, was found dead lying in trench on Sunday morning near Soroti City Mortuary in Wire Cell, Nakatunya Ward, Soroti City West according to residents.

Ebwoyu was found dead without trousers, wearing only underpart, shirt and stockings on his feet along the road that branches off from Soroti – Lira highway and going down to Maroon quarters in Soroti City.

Paul Opige, the L.C. 1 Chairperson Wire Cell, Nakatunya Ward Soroti City West told our reporter that he received a call on Sunday morning alerting him that there was a dead body lying in a trench along the road in his cell.

Opige explained that he rushed to the scene and found the body lying and that it was later identified as that of the son of Mzee Julius Etiru, a resident of Amen A cell in Nakatunya ward in Soroti City West. 

Kokas Ecelu, the Western Division councilor told our reporter that Ebwoyu was last seen playing a board game (LUDO) with others up to 10: 30 p.m. in Amen A centre and could have been killed on his way back home. 


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