Tight security at DP offices over threats to evict Mao

Following the appointment of Norbert Mao as Justice Minister in the NRM government and the bitter resentment in has aroused in the party he leads as President General, the two Democratic Party offices in Kampala on Balintuma road, and on City House in the city centre have been placed under tight police guard.

The deployment has followed the plot by a group of youth called the DP Youth Brigade under Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) to take over both offices this morning.

At the Balintuma Road offices in Nakulabye which are closed and guarded by the Field Force Unit (FFU) officers, the group of over 50 party members have camped a few meters away.

Julius Dumba, the chairman UYD Kampala district, said they have divided themselves into two groups that will guard the offices from the Party President Norbert Mao whom they accuse of selling the party to the government of President Museveni.

“We are going to stay and guard our offices, last night the offices were being guarded by SFC soldiers, and now it is police outside, but we are going to remain and camp here also,” Dumba said.

He explained that they want to enter and find out whether all the party properties and documents are still inside or if they were all taken.

“We want to enter and check whether the party properties are still inside, but police have not allowed us, so we shall remain here, to prevent those people from stepping here,” Dumba added.

Robson Kijambu, the DP secretary Kampala district, said they are leaders in DP, and members, so they will either enter inside peacefully or by force into the offices.

” Mao should go alone, he cannot serve two masters, our fathers protected DP and we shall also fight and protect our father’s political party,” Kijambu noted.

Currently, the youth group and other members are still outside the Balintuma offices, threatening to go to forcefully and gain access to offices as Police remain on standby.

The deployment situation at Barintuma road in Nakulabye is not different from City House, although many UYD members have camped at Balintuma road.

On Wednesday, President Museveni, as the national chairman of the ruling NRM party signed a cooperation agreement between Norbert Mao as the president of the opposition Democratic Party.

Fast forward, on Thursday, just one day after signing of the agreement, Museveni appointed Mao as the new Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, a position that has been vacant for over a year since the president announced his new cabinet last year.


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